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Elena Indrokova Jones is the company's Artistic Director and Choreographer. A graduate of one of the premier academic ballet schools in Russia, she has 20 years of on-stage professional experience including 8 years in leading roles with Teatre Estrada and Rythma Planetya (Rhythm Planet [modern ballet]) and with Mosconcert in Moscow.


Elena left her native Russia to share her love of dance with her new community in Montgomery County. What began as ballet classes for people who love to dance, later evolved into a performing dance group in 2004.  The Four Seasons Dancers' mission is to promote and communicate  an understanding, appreciation and celebration of world cultures through dance.


Dancer/Choreographer/Artistic  Director, Carousel Musical and Dance Company, Washington, DC 

Principal Dancer, Mosconcert, Moscow, Russia

Toured extensively throughout Russia, Asia, and Europe. Participated in a six month tour in the U.S.A (performances in New York, Washington, DC, Miami, San Francisco, etc.)          

Dancer, Teatra Estrada (the leading musical theatre in Russia), Moscow, Russia                                 

Dancer, Rhythm Planet (Rythma Planetya, modern dance company), Moscow, Russia

Toured extensively throughout the former Soviet Union and in Europe

Dancer, Samara World Dance Company, Samara, Russia   

Performed a variety of world dances in a company that toured throughout Russia, Asia, and Europe for 8 months each year


Washington Post Magazine First Person Singular 02/26/12  Elena Indrokova Jones interview with KK Otteson

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