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is a 501(c)(3) non-profit  corporation that strives to promote

an understanding,

appreciation and

celebration of

world cultures

through dance

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About Elena Indrokova Jones

Elena Indrokova Jones is the Artistic Director, principal Choreographer, and Costume Designer of Four Seasons Dancers. A graduate of one of the premier academic ballet schools in Russia, she has 20 years of on-stage professional experience.   When Elena moved to the United States, she founded Four Seasons Dancers.


The Four Seasons Dancers is a 501(c(3) corporation committed to promoting an understanding, appreciation, and celebration of world cultures through dance.  Our “Project Connect” targets members of the community with limited financial resources and/or who may have physical limitations precluding them from being able to attend the theatre and allows us to connect them to cultural diversity through global-inspired works.  We rely on your support to enable us to continue our goal to CONNECT people and generations to cultural diversity through dance.  All donations/gifts to Four Seasons Dancers, Inc. are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law 

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Project Connect.jpg

"We had a beautiful first performance of Opera RUSLAN and LUDMILA by M. GLINKA at the Randolph Road Theatre. It all came together in a exciting show of the opera… Huge thanks go to our dancers: The Four Seasons Dancers with their director Elena Indrokova Jones…You all brought so much magic, beauty and grace to the show!!"



Katerina Souvorova

General and Artistic Director

Bel Cantanti Opera Company

Hiring Four Seasons Dancers

For more than a dozen years, Four Seasons Dancers have impressed DC audiences with their complex choreography, colorful costumes and wide-ranging repertoire, with global influences that reach from Bollywood to Broadway, Israel to Ireland, Armenia to Uzbekistan and way beyond -- even to the Arctic. The troupe's artistic director-choreographer Elena Indrokova Jones graduated from a premier ballet school her native Russia, and creates works in folk-inspired styles including gypsy, flamenco, polka, tarantella, mambo and more.  All dances are original choreography and performed in spectacular costumes. 


Four Season Dancers are available for hire for performances at festivals, concerts, and other events. We are happy to offer dance programs of varying lengths from 15 minutes to two hours. Thank you for your consideration in selecting our dance company.


Four Seasons Dancers, Inc. is supported in part by funding from the Montgomery County Government and the Arts & Humanities Council of Montgomery County

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